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Over five years ago, the JONESJON came to its inventor in a vision as one question was asked: what do you do while traveling and you really don't have access to a bathroom? Our intrepid inventor was quick to file patent number 6,449,782, and the result is the wonderful item you see before you. Our company became determined to help the environment with our product. We wanted to find an easy way to avoid contaminating local waters with human bio-waste, and we believe we have more than succeeded!

Our company is associated with the System for Award Management (SAM), the Small Business Association, and Women-Owned Business. We pride ourselves on these associations, and hope that we can continue to help the world with our hygienic portable product, just as our mission statement says:

Our product provides a better quality of life when using a restroom away from home. It is effective at preventing the transmission of disease during an emergency disaster, as well as saving water during that time as well. There is no rinsing or cleaning the JONESJON; you just use it and throw it away. In addition, it helps prevent bedsores for patients who are bedridden in the hospital.

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